what made today awesome

1. got an extension on my psychogeography project. i was like, freaking out about the deadline yesterday, so i feel so much more relaxed now. 🙂

2. had a fun little adventure trying to get something printed for above mentioned project. discovered that they offer colour printing on large sized paper right at my school! :O seriously, spent four years here without ever knowing that. (too bad today the printer was out of the size i needed, and the person who was there did not know how to refill it. >.<” but it’s okay. now i know that such a place exists. 😀 right there in my very own school. 😀 will make future printing jobs that much easier, haha.)

3. OH. and it was funny because once i discovered the place mentioned above, first, i thought i didn’t have any coins on me, and you need to use coins here. but then i rummaged through my bag. and found coins! 😀 AWESOME. and thenn, found out that the computers they had there are really old (like windows XP old) and doesn’t have any SD card slots. >3> and there was no wireless internet for me to transfer the file from my laptop to the old desktops either. alas, i thought, if only i had brought my USB. but then i thought to just rummage through my bag again, and found out that i had, not one, but TWO of my old USB sticks in there! great stuff! turns out that not clearing out my bags ever, does sometimes pay off! ;D

4. so then, since it was out of paper, i went to UPS, like i had originally planned. found out their prices are way higher than my school, and they didn’t even have the paper in cardstock. which would have made up for the price, ‘cause i originally did want it in cardstock (which they do not have at my school). but then, i found this small little printing store in the corner, where they did have cardstock! 😀 (and it was cheaper than UPS too! :3 good stuff. [still more expensive than my school print shop, but, at least they had card stock. 😀 that made up for it.] (plus, getting to see #5 made up for it as well. :P)

5. saw a huge Tidus poster at the printing store (so random! no idea why they have it there. xD but beautiful none the less >3 tidus = my number one favourite male character of all time. so. that was a lovely surprise, seeing him just standing there and smiling and sparkling in all his sexy, wonderful, glory. :3)

6. caught a ride on a bus driven by my bus driver friend, who drops me off right at my street (instead of one street back which is where the bus stop actually is). it’s always fun running into this guy. 😀 he’s so friendly, and kind, and nice to have a quick chat with during my ride home. 🙂

7. turning the tables around, even when it seems as though the odds just aren’t in your favour! 😀 (in a “command board” mini game LOL i love that thing. [from kingdom hearts: birth by sleep. one of my favourite games ever.])

8. anticipation for Square Enix’s announcements/trailers tomorrow at the E3!! 😀 Can not wait! (*fingers crossed for some news on Versus XIII) :3

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