i just love this calendar.

I’ve had one of these for the last couple of years (2011, and 2012). And of course, one for 2013.

The artwork is beautiful (love all the flowers and birds!), the quotes are lovely and inspiring, and it is so fitting in my carpe-diem themed room (and life). Seriously, my favourite calendar ever. 🙂

Check it out:


june.03.2013. things that made this day awesome

1. i’ve figured some things out about myself

2. the flowers outside my house
i was walking along to school pondering about things, and the beautiful smell of these purple flowers (i don’t know many flower names! sorry! >.<) just broke my train of thought. the scent is so strong, you can smell it from like a few feet away, and it smells beautiful! and looks just as pretty! they were so pretty that i had to just stop and smell the flowers! like, literally! ;D awesome stuff.

3. i had a chat with my professor about psychogeography and lifelike art (+got a 100 on an assignment ^^”)

4. i helped my little sister choreograph moves for her talent show audition tomorrow