Went to watch Despicable Me 2 today with the family! 😀
Love the cute family moments. Like the part in the second-last picture, when Gru dressed up as a Fairy Princess and Agnes went and told him that she knew it was him, awwwwwhhh -broughttearstomyeyesseriouslyXD- that little girl is so adorable. And Edith is awesome with her ninja outfit and perpetual hat. 😀

And of course, the minions, minions, minions. XD An awesome, awesome bunch. I love how they all have names, and distinct personalities and whatnot. XD Different hairstyles, and eye colours and everything. 😛 Love it. I tried to try and tell some of them apart LOL. xD Caught some of the names… Kevin, Jerry, Stuart, Dave, Lance. xD Kevin’s kind of mean. 😛 And the ice-cream part … what was it … “kelato”? Haha, love their minion language. xD Must look up their VA(s?) xD. 😛

Also, loved that Antonio kid, haha. XD he’s so cool~ 😛

And the Grucy love was cute, (andnotforced,likeitsometimescanbeinnon-romancegenrefamilymovies). The ending was perfect. :3

Just one thing.
I couldn’t find Carl D:
I kept hearing about how Carl was the VA’s favourite minion, so I was looking for him while (re)watching [ +showing it to mom and two younger sisters who hadn’t watched it yet O: ] the first movie a couple days ago. couldn’t find him. thought he might be more present in the second. couldn’t find him. D: >3>” idkwhy.

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