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Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded
The gameplay of this is awesome! 😀 Like, every single world is different. And there are so many many different aspects to it, cheat tuners, quests, missions, floor challenges, the random but fun/cute avatar menu?? It’s like a wonderland of KH fun! 😀 I usually play games focussing more on the storyline; as in, story first, gameplay second, so, sometimes, I’ll speed through certain things, to progress the plot, but this game actually makes me feel like playing it 100% despite the lacking plotline in this one ^-^ (or near 100% xD seriously, there are so many trophies to unlock; it would take me forever to get them all. i’ll just aim for the 20 needed to get the secret ending :P)

Final Fantasy 7: Crisis Core

The game is less relationship-based than I was expecting. Well, at least so far… I was looking forward to some Cloud x Zack bromance, and some Zack x Aerith love~ But apparently, a year or something have passed of Zack x Aerith being together and I didn’t get to see how their relationship progressed into being a legit couple! D: No real complaints though, because omg, they’re still so adorable. When Zack went to see Aerith after the Anjiru-sadscene and was crying, and she hugged him, awh. ❤ So touching ;o; Love this couple. They are so so good together. toobadtheybothdielol (+It’s annoying though sometimes, we’ll be all hyped up for tonight, expecting some Zeris scenes, and then Tseng or someone calls Zack away right as he’s about to enter the church. And then again, next night, “oh yes, finally some Zeris”, but, he gets called away on stinky SOLDIER/Genesis duties again! DX)

Also. Cloud x Zack:

So fun seeing Cloud like this, oh my god. xD He laughed. LAUGHED. Yes, laughed. All nice and casual-like, and non-emo. Oh my, love &lt3.

And, also, watching this right now. We’re on season 1 – episode 10 or something around there. And omgoodness, the art style is SO cute. The characters look ADORABLE. Kirito is like, perfect. And him and Asuna look really really cute together. 😀 Can’t wait to see more of them~ Also, the storyline seems really interesting so far 🙂 And Kirito is cute. :B And I love how it is related to video games ‘cause you know. Games are love. So.

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