the value of spending time with loved ones (w/ ref to ff7 :p)

just a quick lesson: to those people who are lucky enough to have love and family in your life, to have the opportunity to spend time with them, talk to them, laugh with them every day, recognize what a gift that is. even though you may not have the chance to travel or explore the world or have otherworldly adventures, even if your days are mostly spent at home, don’t ever refer to the blessing that is a home and family as “a place where you are stuck”.

stuck in a loving home, together with your family, in a nice house, with good money?

looking at all of the main cast of ff7 — i was thinking about how those people would give up so much just to be able to have what you have every day of your life.

and don’t say those are just stories, because sure, these might be fantasies with magic and such, but the amount of hardship and losses and fights they go through is something many real people have to face every day. and many face even worse.

remember that last day they had in ff7, right before they all went to fight the final boss, they took that as their possibly last night on earth, and they all chose to spend it with their family and loved ones. spend their possibly last night in a place with people who make them feel at home.

to them, that’s living their life to the fullest.
that’s their carpe diem.

and if you’re blessed enough to have that kind of life each day:
don’t ever refer to that as stuck.

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