How dare you!


trying to decide which path to take

just making some life decisions;;

spent the last week or so endlessly fussing over my grad school applications, trying to figure out what it is i really want to study.

i mean, i’ve always liked design, but. i also really love teaching.
and there’s just SO many paths you can take, so many different choices to choose from. sometimes, i get confused. and you always hear these stories about people who had this whole plan set for their life, and they ended up doing something completely different somehow, but now it’s the best thing that ever happened to them.

and so these decisions can sometimes get so confusing, so daunting. because, if we have practically no idea where any of these paths will lead, how am i supposed to decide which one to take? out of an endless number of possible paths…

it can be scary not really knowing where life is taking me, and how much each decision i make now affects what doors i’m opening up for myself in the future.

but then,
sometimes. this same concept can seem oh so exciting! like when i was walking outside the other day and was looking around at all the autumn-y colours and bunnies and squirrels jumping around, and had the wind in my hair, i was like:

wow! life is just one big adventure, isn’t it?

it’s SO unpredictable, and any number of things could happen. you never know all the good things that you could possibly run into, all the new doors you open up with simple decisions 😀 when you think about things that way, decision-making seems like such fun; i am so thankful for the opportunities i have been given the chance to pick from, all the paths that i have available for me to follow. and each path is such a mystery, with twists and turns and hidden wonders.

and you know:
“If you don’t know where you’re going, any road’ll take you there” 😉