“the storytellers” excerpt: sometimes, i sit on the trees while i write.

here is a short excerpt from the novel series “the storytellers”.
please comment and let me know what you think, thank you! 🙂
      sometimes, i sit on the trees while i write.
               i wear a yellow dress — the one with the white flowers on it that my grandma gave me — and mis-matched stockings and yellow shoes and my favourite sun-hat.
          we don’t get very many windy days here.
          so hats are safe.
          even when seated atop the trees. among the leaves.
the leaves tickle my face, my hair dances over my eyes, my notebook pages refuse to stand still. flustered by the scene, my hat takes flight. soaring to the sky, waving goodbye to me with its satin ribbon arms.
     today is unexpectedly windy.
what? my favourite hat!
     i reach out to grab it’s satin ribbons.
not a good idea.
and the ground races up to meet me.

7 thoughts on ““the storytellers” excerpt: sometimes, i sit on the trees while i write.

  1. I love to perch on a tree like a koala bear! Nice breeze flowing through my hair, the whimsical birds chirping, and bubbly squirrels frolicking on the branches 😀 Nice personification and a vividly illustrative story Sadia!

  2. I found it through your other awesome blogs!!! You posted a link on your deviant art page, which was linked on your Facebook 😉 I love expressive writing…took a course (WRI203) a couple of summers ago where we write personal short stories ♪┏(・o・)┛♪ BTW I would love to see those penguin pictures from your Montreal trip lol 🙂 Also started watching Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles… I love this show :B You still read the manga series?

    • Ohh, you took WRI203? 😀 Cool! I took it too. 😀

      Haha, okay, I’ll post some on Facebook later. 🙂

      Oh, really? What ep are you on?
      I finished the manga a few months ago.
      It got reallyyy confusing near the end! D:
      But it was still pretty enjoyable. xD
      I’m not sure how much of it they changed around in the anime though. 🙂 Let me know what you think of it when you’re done!

  3. Niceee it’s a super fun course! I’m on episode five :B Sakura wakes up in the parallel universe of Japan and wanders the city. She meets these spikey haired dudes, soars through the city and falls from the sky into Syaoran’s arms. The music is epic!!! I love Mokona…reminds me of Jigglypuff lol. I really want to read the manga…love the illustrations 😀 Have you watched Cardcaptors?

  4. The ending sparked up my smile, so I thank you, Sadia. Your choice of words when bonded together by a sentence lets out a sort delightful optimism that I find fascinating. Very clever indeed.

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