forever in a nutshell.

forever is
the moment when today turns into tomorrow
and tomorrow turns into today

it is
going backward and forward
in circles that grow
infinitely and

is the continuum hypothesis
where infinite sets can have different sizes
all too great to contain within a single mind
like the line between insanity and


it is bigger than the biggest imagination of the most imaginative child
and smaller than the smallest mind of the most small-minded man

it is anything divided by zero
and a ribbon in the shape of an eight

it is the lie or promise behind true love and
the faith or wish between heaven and hell
and an illusion that makes it seem as though
things can actually last
longer than


it is as unreal as
always and never and infinite and forty-two
and as real as
the day after sunday, and the day before monday


is something no mind can see hear or know
and the only truth that’s worth it, is this, to


forever is (everything and) nothing, and
nothing (and everything) is forever.

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