the apple store is too hip for me.

so i went to the apple store today, and i was waiting around for someone at the “genius bar” to help me, and one of the employees came up to me, and talked to me about why i was there and stuff, and then he told me to “go grab that stool”

and for a second, i was so confused because i thought he was asking me to go get a stool for him, and i was wondering why he would ask me, the customer, to grab something for him.

then he continued the sentence with “go grab that stool and hang tight” (still pretty confusing), but then he added “and we’ll come to you. so just, wait there for a moment.” or something like that, and it finally made sense.

wow, colloquial speech.

much too hip for me.

One thought on “the apple store is too hip for me.

  1. LMAOOOOO…”Go grab that stool” ಠ_ಠ. I would have said “You go grab that stool!”. The dude can’t even grab a stool for you…he needs to eat more apples. I love mac computers…their great for design and editing videos! Personally I rather build my own computer! The apple store in Sq1 is too hipster! However I do like chilling there and surfing the web. My buddies and I would go there and watch youtube videos in first year. Not really a mall guy…more of an anti-consumerist lol. Anyways…really funny story (‐^▽^‐)

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