one of the best things ever

learning a foreign language enough so that you can pick up words/phrases/sentences when people who speak that language are speaking it near you and ohmygodtheydon’tevenknowhowmuchyouunderstandofwhatthey’resaying ahahaha~ such a fun feeling. i was smiling the entire time and silently LOL-ing, sitting beside these students conversing in their language, and i knew a lot of what they were saying, but they didn’t know that i knew! what fun! (don’t worry, i wasn’t eavesdropping on anything secretive. they were just trying to figure out some math, and i was helping them with it, so. yeah. ;D no worries~)

as my sister put it when i told her of this event
“wow, that’s like one of the best things that can ever happen to a person”





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