’cause i’m young and foolish

so the other day, i was watching this show (which, so far, is one of the best things i’ve ever watched, but that’s another story), and the main character’s dad said this thing, which really struck a chord with me, because i realized that what he described is exactly the confusion that i’ve been feeling for a while now D:

(some things might get lost in translation; please excuse. but, basically this is what he said:)
deep inside every one of our hearts
we’re hiding this subconscious desire to become perfect.
but most people probably won’t have the chance to do so in their lifetimes
and don’t have the ability to properly express this desire.
that’s why we’re always so confused,
feeling that there are two sides of yourself.
one is the normal and simple me.
the other one is the me who always wanted to exceed limits
and create miracles

but between the two, we can only choose one.



( and i’ve just been wondering which one it is that i really want to choose. 3: )

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