i love music~

and recently, these melodies keep coming to me lol. :B

maybe my next “new thing” that i try will be to learn how to write music, so i can write some of these melodies down? ^-^



i have a problem.
i go through these…i don’t know, i call them “phases”. where i’ll be really into something for a while (a few weeks, or months, i don’t know, it’s different each time), but then it just fades~ until i re-discover it again later (in a few weeks, months, years, again, it’s different each time, and i’m not really sure how to control it).

this applies to a lot of things, and recently, i’ve been paying more attention to just relaxing, hopeless day-dreaming, learning a new language, (and apparently, trying to make music? ^^) than i have been to writing or drawing. :< it’s sad because now i have all these novel/story ideas sitting in my evernote files, getting all dusty and feeling neglected >.<;; but i don’t feel the same rush to finish them anymore, i don’t know. 3: what to do, what to do~


i wish i was as good as some people at sticking to things… i should work on that. ><




i want to make songs.

(and learn how to sing? XD haha.)

One thought on “i love music~

  1. Music is my source of inspiration, relaxation and happiness 😀 I also have melodies in my mind when I’m cooking or daydreaming (near a riverside) or hiking through the forest ♪┏(・o・)┛♪

    Lol I have those “phases” too 🙂 I’ll listen to an awesome song and then fade into another genre or artist. After weeks, months, or even years I’ll stumble upon that song and invoke new feelings\(◎o◎)/. I’ll discover new sounds and imagine lucid fantasies (/◕ヮ◕)/

    I can’t control it either – it’s like my consciousness is ethereal and expanding 😀 My soul is a celestial photon travelling through whimsical worlds and exploring euphoric galaxies lol ☆彡 ☆ミ

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