carpe diem summer~ (2012) :)



one of the best times of my life, that really changed the way i do things, the way i think about things, was this one summer we (my sister and I) refer to as “carpe diem summer”. (the above picture is something my sister created as a representation of our summer by the way. for a school project. :))

i’ve mentioned it a few times before, either on this blog, or my little adventure blog (or the tumblr equivalents of each), but i feel like i never really got to do a whole recap of it the way i’ve been meaning to.
quoting from my earlier posts, how the carpe diem summer started was basically this:

You don’t have to build a roller-coaster
To find your own way, to make the most of 
Every minute. No more waiting for the right time, you’re in it.
So grab those opportunities when you see ‘em!
‘Cause everyday’s a brand new day! You gotta’ carpe diem!
– Phineas and Ferb

Inspired by an episode we watched near the beginning of last summer [a Phineas and Ferb episode with a song about seizing the day (or “Carpe diem!”)], we got this idea to make the most of our summer by trying something new each day! Grabbing opportunities, doing things we always wanted to do, and letting go of inhibitions + getting in touch with our inner child…ren? xD
so basically, our goal was to go out and try new things everyday.
we didn’t have the ability (nor desire) to go on huge adventures like travelling the world or anything, but that was actually kind of the point.
(i mean, phineas and ferb do almost everything from the comfort of their backyard! ok not really, but you know what i mean, haha.)
the point was to make the most out of everyday opportunities! to look around for things that i usually miss. to be myself, be weird, be crazy, have fun and make some scenes.
instead of just spending all of my summer in front of the computer, or cooped up at home. 🙂
step one.
we made a list of “summer goals”. started out pretty short and simple.
we got this journal:
and our list of things to do started getting longer and longer.
it kept evolving, changing and growing, as summer went by, and by the end of it, we had something like this:
we had to edit a few of our original goals as we see fit.


(this is one of my favourites XD lol)
and most of all, we had a ton of fun:
i learned a lot of things and all in all, this was one of the best times of my life. and i’m planning to do something like this again, for this summer! ^-^ my first summer out of undergrad (and before starting my master’s :O). but this time, we’re going to try to include our whole family, instead of just us two sisters, as much as we can. ^-^
and i would encourage everyone to try something similar! 😀
it doesn’t have to be when you’re on a break! you can just take on less time-consuming things, but there are so many many opportunities the world provides us with, there’s bound to be a ton that you could fit into your own schedule, however busy you may be (if you’re too busy to do even that, then maybe, start prioritizing things a little differently? ^-^ it’s always important to make the most of every moment we have here, so, please do. 🙂 there’s more to life than school and work and mindless media/internet consumption, and i hope we never lose sight of that.)
so here’s to wishing everyone all the best for the spring/summer 2014~ let’s go and keep going 😀
excited for all the new things we’ll discover this year. ^-^


8 thoughts on “carpe diem summer~ (2012) :)

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  2. I loved this post! I am a huge fan of Phineas and Ferb, how can anyone not be? 🙂 For a long time my personal motto has been Carpe Diem (yep, I watched the same episode…) There is so much I want to do and see. Next week, my summer (finally) starts! (No more tests or homework!!!!) And I want to do as much as I can before the next round of school. I have a long internal list of things I want to try, why not do them this summer? Thanks for the inspiration! 😀

    • Haha, that is awesome! 😀
      Are you going to be blogging about some of the things you do over the summer? 😀 If so, I look forward to reading them~ 🙂
      Thank you so much for visiting my blog, and especially for taking the time to leave a comment! It just makes my day knowing that someone is actually reading the stuff I post haha xD and liking it enough to actually write a comment back in response to it 🙂 So, THANK YOU again! ^-^
      Looking forward to hearing more from you! 🙂 I’m going to be checking out your blog as well, for sure! ^-^
      – Rain~

      • I know the feeling! 🙂 Comments and new visitors are such happy things! I live in a sort of small town, so I have to find some way to keep myself busy! This seems like the perfect opportunity. Except most of the things I want to do is travel, and I can’t do that right now… Do you have any suggestions? There’s a few places I’ve never been (surprisingly) that I have on my list… If and when I do something worthy of mentioning, I might wait until the end, I will make a post about it! 😀

      • I’m sure you’ll have many adventures worthy of writing about! I can’t wait to see your posts about them 😀 ^-^ Let me know once you do post something. 🙂

        And yes, comments and new friends are delightful things indeed. 😀

        You live in a small town? 🙂 I’ve always wondered what the feeling of living in a small town would be. Hehe. Is it one of those places small enough so that everyone kind of knows everyone, and shopkeepers know you by name? Haha. I read a lot of stories and things, so I kind of have these idealized views of the world. 😛 But, is it? ^^ That’d be so cool. :3

        Well I could give a list of things I’ve done that I had a lot of fun doing, that required no travel, and maybe you can get some ideas? 🙂 I try to post about most of them on either this blog or my other one here (, or just post pictures at least on my newly-made instagram ( haha. 🙂 But basically, some of the things I’ve been doing this summer to keep things fresh and fun and new 😀 are… trying to learn about music theory and composing/writing my own songs. ^^ Trying to learn more songs on the keyboard. Working on my first novel(s). ^^ Trying a lot of foreign food. =o Eating too much cake. >.<" Joining classes — a musical theatre class, cooking class. Making new friends. Visiting nearby tourist attractions that I've never been to. Starting family traditions like family board game night and movie nights. And something I tried last summer: going on a derive~ This might be fun, depending on how you choose to do it. Have you heard of it before? =D (If not, I'm pretty sure I wrote a post about it a while back… let me just find it… here: ^^

        Let me know if any of these work for you xD If not, I can suggest moreee. ^-^

        OH! Let me tell you the things I told my friend when she was saying how boring her summer is! =o Something like: “Well what kind of stuff do you like? Or is there anything you’ve been wanting to do or try for some time that you havent gotten around to doing yet? Or just try any kind of random things that you havent tried before — even if they are out of your comfort zone. Like maybe have you ever been rock climbing? Skydiving? Finished a really big puzzle? Tried exotic food? Played mini golf? Karaoke? Learnt to play an instrument? Are there any languages you wanted to learn? Any hobbies you wanted to take up? Stuff like thatt xD theres sooo many possibilitiesss ;D
        Or just spending more quality time with friends and family is good too ;3”

        Yeah. Sorry this post turned out so much longer than I was planning! D: >.<" I tend to get carried away sometimes. :<

  3. Haha, wow, that’s got to be the longest comment I’ve ever read! 🙂 Thank you so much! So much information, hard to take it all in… I’ve been really thinking of starting a blog project about trying new things and just summer adventures in general. When I do, I’ll tell you!

    Hmmm, I live a very touristy town. I kinda live on the outskirts of the town, so everything is either a short walk, bike ride or a very long drive away. (Depending on what you want to do. The fun stuff is pretty far away from where I live, so it’s usually not to much of an option.) While people don’t know my name, they know my face. We share smiles and waves, and exchange ‘how are yous?’ So, not as romantic as the books… I wish! But every town is different, and I live in a weird place!

    I’ll go out and check out your other blog, I really like that name! I play the clarinet and I was thinking of making a song or learning some cool and fancy song… And I love writing, as well, so I think I will try to write a few short stories. I don’t think I am ready to write a novel yet, but I’ll probably change my mind when I start writing again. I have to do a mandatory summer school class (as awful as it sounds…) and I am antisocial by nature… So, making new friends is defiantly on my list! I don’t know what a derive is, I’ll go check that out as well…

    Surprisingly there is a few places I haven’t been in my sort of close town, pricy tourist attractions. But I want to go check them out! And I’ve always wanted to learn how to draw and paint, so I’ll work on that… A lot, I am artfully challenged. Sadly 😦

    Thank you, again, for all of your wonderful ideas! This is probably my longest comment as well. So don’t worry, I get carried away as well! 🙂

    • Haha, your town sounds really cool! 😀 Despite everything being far away. I guess I’m just a sucker for that small town feel. ^^ I live in like a large suburb area, which is pretty nice too. 🙂 I really like it here. But for my psychogeographic walks, I go over to the part of my city where there’s a kind of quaint little village by the lake and do my walks there. 😀 I love the feeling of that place. ^^

      Wow, you’re very artistic. 😀 That’s so cool. I wish I could play an instrument, but I still have a lot to learn, and right now, I’m focusing more on my writing than my music, but we’ll see where I’m at by the end of summer. I learned the basics of clarinet back in grade six! Haha. xB

      What courses are you taking in summer school? Sometimes, the courses themselves can introduce you to new things, right? If the material is interesting. ^^ Or you meet interesting people there. Like, my art and activism class that introduced me to psychogeography was also a required summer school course. 🙂 But I met a lot of cool people there, and learned new things!

      Seems like you’re already off to a good start on your list, since you’ve already made a new friend! ;D Haha. =P

      Maybe you could take some art classes this summer? After you’re done summer school? Or maybe within your school, if they offer any? (Are you in high school or college, if I may ask?) 🙂

      No problem at all! ^-^ Haha. Long comments are awesome. 😛

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