fun day.

So the other day, we dropped off our sister to a birthday party, and they told us to pick her up again in 2 hours. Since it takes about a half hour to get back home, we didn’t feel like going home and then coming back again. So we decided to go on a spontaneous walk and ended up wandering around this Chinese Center, with little stores and stuff, and beautiful scenery.


more pictures here:

And then we went to a karaoke place, but they didn’t offer half hour sessions, only one hour, and we didn’t have enough time to stay there for an hour, so we just looked over their song selection, and decided to come back later.

Then we went to a cute bakery neighboring the karaoke place and ate yummy yummy creamy buns 😀 So good ❤



And then we went back to the birthday party to pick little sister up. And ate our first cake of the summer. Yummy chocolate-y goodness. :3 I couldn’t get a good picture of it, haha. It was dark inside. xD


Yay, fun day 😀

One thought on “fun day.

  1. The Chinese Centre in Mississauga reminds me of a whimsical zen garden 🙂 I love listening to the serene and tranquil music emanating from the shops ♪ ┗ (・o・ ) ┓♪ Mmmmmmh creamy buns! So fluffy, sweet, and yummy (*°∀°)=3 I loveeeee making and baking pastries ❤ OMG chocolate cake sounds delish! I'm infatuated with a Black Forest Gâteau sprinkled with juicy Maraschino cherries (*^。^*) My mouth is salivating 😀

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