carpe diem summer 2014.

just a list of things i’ve done to keep track of them 🙂 and for anyone who’s doing something similar this summer, maybe some of these will help you come up with ideas or inspiration or motivation or something lol. ^-^ (also my other blog too)

1. went to see a musical in my little sister’s school :3
2. went to a karaoke place and sang foreign songs we don’t understand or know the lyrics to xD :B
3. made a new friend~ (with a baby in our neighbourhood :B)
4. started organizing my huge, huge digital photo collection 😮
5. had board game nights with the sisters :B (played Clue and Game of Life)
6. bought a 1000-piece disney photomosaic puzzle! (haven’t started it yet though haha xD)
7. continuing to learn a new language~ (so fun when i can pick up on people’s conversations without them knowing i know what they’re saying HAHA :3 — not that i’m an eavesdropper or anything! :O)
8. went to the African Lion Safari! 😀 whoo~
9. tried to have a “yes” day (where you say ‘yes’ to everything you get asked! :O it can be an amazing way to discover unexpected new opportunities. :3 one thing leads to another and all~ [safety first though! haha xD])
10. joined a musical theatre class — got assigned a song for musical theatre 😮 trying to think up choreography ideas for it with my sister :3
11. danced to Just Dance at the shopping mall in front of an xbox display thing they had set up outside a windows store
12. tried out new organic frozen yogurt place! mixed almost all the toppings they had there together for quite an exciting flavour LOL ugly pictures coming soon 😛
13. bought a new board game to try (Quelf, anyone?)
14. bought a bunch of new accessories, necklaces and rings and stuff :3
15. visited the flea market and just walked around looking at all the stalls~

here is another list i came across the other day:
some of these sound really fun! 😀 so, take a look for more ideas ^-^

here are a couple of my favourites:
10. pick a summer anthem (which we did during our first carpediemsummer back in 2012! 😀 haha, we picked the “carpe diem” song from phineas and ferb, naturally. and learned a choreographed dance to it. and we sang + danced it everywhere! be it playgrounds and parks, the garden section of wal-mart, busy streets of downtown, or just on our own in our living room. LOL! it was really silly. but awesome, as most really silly things are. :B)
15. learn the handshake from parent trap
16. celebrate an obscure holiday and go all-out (we were thinking we could also make up our own holiday! 😀 and go all-out. haha.)
26. make fake character personalities and use them at bars (though we don’t frequent bars, we could do this somewhere else where we meet people LOL i’ve always wanted to try this xD just to see what happens :P)
40. go somewhere for every letter of the alphabet (sounds really interesting! o: going to try this one for sure.)


3 thoughts on “carpe diem summer 2014.

  1. Kool list! I recently made a new friend with my gardener 😀 I also played monopoly with my bro, sis, and cousins…this game is soooo longgg! BTW I love Game of Life 🙂 I’m still watching Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles… I guess I’m learning Japanese lol. Oh yeah…found out Sakura means Cherry Blossom in Japanese…super cool name! Haven’t been to African Safari in a while, last time the monkeys were dancing on our van (*^。^*) I love Phineas and Ferb, the Carpe Diem dance is hilarious ( ・ω・) Eid Mubarak! Did you have a big feast?

    • Oh my god, all of that sounds AWESOME! 😀
      Haha, how much Japanese have you learned? 😀
      I love learning new languages. :3
      I know little bits and pieces of a few. xD I’m only fluent in two though. =p heh.

      We didn’t really do much for Eid… ^^” Everyone was busy and had work and summer school and stuff. xD We mostly just stayed home. But we went to Niagara a couple days ago as a family — went to the Bird Kingdom there, went on some rides, ate at the restaurants, went to the fun house. Haha, it was really fun. 🙂 And yesterday we went to the CN Tower (for the first time in the 13 years we’ve been in Canada! LOL xD) and then to the Toronto Islands and the Center Island Amusement Park. 🙂

  2. A little bit of Japanese lol :B

    Kasanaru omoi kokoro tsukisasu kodou!

    Hehehe 😀 Sameeeeeee! I would love to learn Hindi, Arabic, Bengali, Italian, Spanish, and Malay! I can also speak a little Swahili and French (/◕ヮ◕)

    Kooooool what languages do you speak? \(◎o◎)/

    My family went to Niagara this weekend too. Bird Kingdom looks like a tropical paradise! So many colourful birds! (・∀・) I love amusement parks! (^。^) WOW!!! The CN tower view is beautiful 🙂

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