i hope you know
that your smile means more than
just upturned lips on a lost face
it means
your smiles are life

and, please, remember
your breath means more than
carbon dioxide escaping your little body
it means
your breath is life

so i hope these smiles, these breaths that you see
surrounding you, guiding you
are enough of a reminder that
are more than skin and bones, my dear
you are life
yes, you are life

One thought on “life

  1. The only thing that keeps me going are the memories.
    I do remember them very vividly,
    all the time.

    It is probably because I feel too much.
    I remember all these faces because,
    I feel what the other person feels
    and I am constantly reminded of this.

    I can feel their pain, their joy, but mostly their pain.
    It’s like I hug the misery and I enjoy it,
    even though it doesn’t really concern me,
    even though I can’t do nothing about it.

    I have so many of their words to write,
    but mine will remain unwritten.

    My LLI will eventually kill me.

    Thanks again.

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