carpe diem summer 2014.

just a list of things i’ve done to keep track of them 🙂 and for anyone who’s doing something similar this summer, maybe some of these will help you come up with ideas or inspiration or motivation or something lol. ^-^ (also my other blog too)

1. went to see a musical in my little sister’s school :3
2. went to a karaoke place and sang foreign songs we don’t understand or know the lyrics to xD :B
3. made a new friend~ (with a baby in our neighbourhood :B)
4. started organizing my huge, huge digital photo collection 😮
5. had board game nights with the sisters :B (played Clue and Game of Life)
6. bought a 1000-piece disney photomosaic puzzle! (haven’t started it yet though haha xD)
7. continuing to learn a new language~ (so fun when i can pick up on people’s conversations without them knowing i know what they’re saying HAHA :3 — not that i’m an eavesdropper or anything! :O)
8. went to the African Lion Safari! 😀 whoo~
9. tried to have a “yes” day (where you say ‘yes’ to everything you get asked! :O it can be an amazing way to discover unexpected new opportunities. :3 one thing leads to another and all~ [safety first though! haha xD])
10. joined a musical theatre class — got assigned a song for musical theatre 😮 trying to think up choreography ideas for it with my sister :3
11. danced to Just Dance at the shopping mall in front of an xbox display thing they had set up outside a windows store
12. tried out new organic frozen yogurt place! mixed almost all the toppings they had there together for quite an exciting flavour LOL ugly pictures coming soon 😛
13. bought a new board game to try (Quelf, anyone?)
14. bought a bunch of new accessories, necklaces and rings and stuff :3
15. visited the flea market and just walked around looking at all the stalls~

here is another list i came across the other day:
some of these sound really fun! 😀 so, take a look for more ideas ^-^

here are a couple of my favourites:
10. pick a summer anthem (which we did during our first carpediemsummer back in 2012! 😀 haha, we picked the “carpe diem” song from phineas and ferb, naturally. and learned a choreographed dance to it. and we sang + danced it everywhere! be it playgrounds and parks, the garden section of wal-mart, busy streets of downtown, or just on our own in our living room. LOL! it was really silly. but awesome, as most really silly things are. :B)
15. learn the handshake from parent trap
16. celebrate an obscure holiday and go all-out (we were thinking we could also make up our own holiday! 😀 and go all-out. haha.)
26. make fake character personalities and use them at bars (though we don’t frequent bars, we could do this somewhere else where we meet people LOL i’ve always wanted to try this xD just to see what happens :P)
40. go somewhere for every letter of the alphabet (sounds really interesting! o: going to try this one for sure.)


catch-up post. about musical theatre class. :)

so, as mentioned before, in the spirit of carpe diem summer, i joined a musical theatre class with my sister a few weeks ago. :O

here’s what i was going to post after our first class a few weeks back:

“so we just attended our first musical theatre class the other day, and it was pretty fun! 😀

everyone was really nice, and i was surprised to discover that despite my lack of any acting/singing background, i was not the least experienced person there! ^-^ and also despite being younger than most of the other people in the class, we were treated pretty equally 😀 and we fit in pretty well, i think. :3 
so yeah, it was really fun. and i felt really comfortable there.
until they all started naming these famous musicals and talking about singing and things (something i have no experience in D: nor proper knowledge of) and then i felt a little silly because when they said “larger than life”, i thought of backstreet boys, when they said “seymour” i thought of final fantasy x, when they said “jekyll & hyde”, i thought of this:
and out all the (about five) musicals that i knew of, three of them i knew of because of glee! xD oh my goodness, i’m so un-deep. :P”
haha. but no, the class is actually really fun, and the people are all amazing, and i’m glad we made this spontaneous decision to join it. ^^ now. hopefully i won’t be completely embarassing during the performance at the end of the class! ^^” hehe…
BUT! speaking of the performance 😀 we got so lucky with the song they gave us~ judging from all the musicals they were naming the first class, we figured we’d get some famous song we aren’t really familiar with and have to learn it from scratch but we got like one of our favourite songs that we’ve been singing since we were kids! 😀 as a duet too! yay~ we even have the song listed as songs to practice for fun in our carpe diem summer’s to do list from earlier! 
how serendipitous~


fun day.

So the other day, we dropped off our sister to a birthday party, and they told us to pick her up again in 2 hours. Since it takes about a half hour to get back home, we didn’t feel like going home and then coming back again. So we decided to go on a spontaneous walk and ended up wandering around this Chinese Center, with little stores and stuff, and beautiful scenery.


more pictures here:

And then we went to a karaoke place, but they didn’t offer half hour sessions, only one hour, and we didn’t have enough time to stay there for an hour, so we just looked over their song selection, and decided to come back later.

Then we went to a cute bakery neighboring the karaoke place and ate yummy yummy creamy buns 😀 So good ❤



And then we went back to the birthday party to pick little sister up. And ate our first cake of the summer. Yummy chocolate-y goodness. :3 I couldn’t get a good picture of it, haha. It was dark inside. xD


Yay, fun day 😀

one of the problems i had last summer, and the one before, was…

[ the little adventure blog ] our mission: never stop finding new things to try

one of the problems i had last summer, and the one before, was keeping track of everything i did. i mean, at least for 2012, i had the journal and i used it regularly, but i lost track of all the pictures we took~ they just ended up scattered all over my laptop/desktop computers and only today (about two years late!) did i finally gather them all into one place, to select the photos i wanted to include on this post.
it’s funny because i always planned to keep a blog somewhere of everything we were doing during the summer of 2012. i think i started at least three different blogs (wordpress, blogger, tumblr), but they all ended up not getting updated on time. >.<” (an example being this little adventure blog (both on wordpress and tumblr), which was pretty much based on the same idea (keeping track…

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Check it out for the writing associated with each post. 🙂

I’m still not done though. >.<” there’s way more stuff I wanted to write about, before I start posting about this year’s carpe diem summer.

After lunch, I guess, I’ll resume posting everything.

Or maybe tomorrow.

hahaha, procrastination.

trying to decide which path to take

just making some life decisions;;

spent the last week or so endlessly fussing over my grad school applications, trying to figure out what it is i really want to study.

i mean, i’ve always liked design, but. i also really love teaching.
and there’s just SO many paths you can take, so many different choices to choose from. sometimes, i get confused. and you always hear these stories about people who had this whole plan set for their life, and they ended up doing something completely different somehow, but now it’s the best thing that ever happened to them.

and so these decisions can sometimes get so confusing, so daunting. because, if we have practically no idea where any of these paths will lead, how am i supposed to decide which one to take? out of an endless number of possible paths…

it can be scary not really knowing where life is taking me, and how much each decision i make now affects what doors i’m opening up for myself in the future.

but then,
sometimes. this same concept can seem oh so exciting! like when i was walking outside the other day and was looking around at all the autumn-y colours and bunnies and squirrels jumping around, and had the wind in my hair, i was like:

wow! life is just one big adventure, isn’t it?

it’s SO unpredictable, and any number of things could happen. you never know all the good things that you could possibly run into, all the new doors you open up with simple decisions 😀 when you think about things that way, decision-making seems like such fun; i am so thankful for the opportunities i have been given the chance to pick from, all the paths that i have available for me to follow. and each path is such a mystery, with twists and turns and hidden wonders.

and you know:
“If you don’t know where you’re going, any road’ll take you there” 😉