i’m trying to tell stories (my writing projects)

but i’m pretty new to novel/story writing, so.

please. i’ll be posting excerpts and things, and any feedback at all would be much appreciated! ^^ thank you in advance~

to start this off, some of the projects i am working on:

1. novel called “in case you cared” a slice-of-life, coming-of-age type story told in a mixture of poetry and prose

2. a series of short story type snippets about a family, called “life with the charming family”; i’m doing this as a writing exercise and i’ll try to post an entry for it at least once a week starting sometime next week ^^

3. novel series called “the storytellers”, a group of novels about different people who love to tell stories, each person using a different medium (painting, directing, composing music, writing, etc.). part fantasy, part slice-of-life. dual world settings.
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more excerpts:
i want you to be happy;
please be okay;

so. i hope you will support me as i try to find my way around this writing thing. ^^ i have a bad habit of dropping projects before they are finished if i have no one holding me accountable for them, so hopefully, posting regularly on this blog will help me actually see these writing projects through. 🙂

thank you to anyone who has taken the time to read this~
i hope you will leave me a comment, and maybe we can get to know each other ^^ i am always up for meeting new people, and making new friends 😀

– rain.

Something new to do: Nanowrimo

So I ran across this Nanowrimo challenge thing yesterday, and I’m going to join it! 😀 Just for the heck of it. ^^ It sounds like fun, and of course, gives me something new to do, and discovering it in such a timely fashion (in the month of November itself! :O) must be some sort of sign. 😛 Or something.


Any thoughts on this challenge, by anyone who’s done this before, or is doing it right now :D?


Something new to try: Building a Fort!

Odds are you haven’t done this in a while. At least I hadn’t. So why not re-visit those good old childhood days, and re-discover the magic of making your own little home within a home with nothing but chairs, blankets, and sofa cushions? 😀

Try it today~

Or look at more ideas for new things to try :3

How I ended up doing this today:
Well, my little sister bought this “Crazy Forts” kit, ‘cause everyone was tired of eating breakfast standing up. (The wondrous monstrosity pictured above is a fort she made herself over the course of two days, using up almost all our dining chairs, a mattress, a couch, and my beanbag chair, and basically took over our entire living room.) She was having trouble making it because the person who was originally helping her with it was refusing to read the instructions which resulted in her fort constantly breaking down, while in the process of being made. So then I took over, and we actually read all the instructions together, and everything fit perfectly and it was awesome. 😀 The fort itself is much smaller now, so I can’t actually fit into it too comfortably… 😛 But even making it, and working on something together with my little sister is fun in and of itself. 🙂

Interested in trying this out? (But don’t know where to start?)
Here are some places to help you get started:


& Share what kind of forts you’ve built, or any fort-related stories from your childhood in the comments~ 😀

Went to watch Despicable Me 2 today with the family! 😀
Love the cute family moments. Like the part in the second-last picture, when Gru dressed up as a Fairy Princess and Agnes went and told him that she knew it was him, awwwwwhhh -broughttearstomyeyesseriouslyXD- that little girl is so adorable. And Edith is awesome with her ninja outfit and perpetual hat. 😀

And of course, the minions, minions, minions. XD An awesome, awesome bunch. I love how they all have names, and distinct personalities and whatnot. XD Different hairstyles, and eye colours and everything. 😛 Love it. I tried to try and tell some of them apart LOL. xD Caught some of the names… Kevin, Jerry, Stuart, Dave, Lance. xD Kevin’s kind of mean. 😛 And the ice-cream part … what was it … “kelato”? Haha, love their minion language. xD Must look up their VA(s?) xD. 😛

Also, loved that Antonio kid, haha. XD he’s so cool~ 😛

And the Grucy love was cute, (andnotforced,likeitsometimescanbeinnon-romancegenrefamilymovies). The ending was perfect. :3

Just one thing.
I couldn’t find Carl D:
I kept hearing about how Carl was the VA’s favourite minion, so I was looking for him while (re)watching [ +showing it to mom and two younger sisters who hadn’t watched it yet O: ] the first movie a couple days ago. couldn’t find him. thought he might be more present in the second. couldn’t find him. D: >3>” idkwhy.