new book: through love, lies, and other things that exist

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A Collection of Poems and Words


i wanted to write lyrics with these flowers
and thorns and stars you’ve tattooed across my arms and my chest; but maybe these thoughts and feelings are too scattered for song. so maybe i’ll write these uncaged words instead.

i ran into something unbelievable last winter.
it came into our lives in the fall. and it grew and grew. and by winter, it was so huge, that the whole world had to morph and widen and brighten to fit it. this morphing, and widening, and brightening was a journey filled with light and dark, learning and growth, hope and doubt, dreams and rude awakenings, shock and wonder.
these poems and lyrics and words are a documentation of that journey.
a journey through love, lies, and other things that exist.


mickey mouse photomosaic puzzle. :)

so, as a summer tradition, we started working on a new 1000 piece puzzle a few weeks ago.

Disney Photomosaic Puzzle Box

cat lying on puzzle

yes, kyoko, our cat, has been helping too.

the first few days we made a lot of progress, and then when it came down to doing just the blue background pieces everyone kind of gave up on it, until i started working on it again, but with just one person working on it, and only for about 10 or so minutes every other day, it has been pretty slow.

especially considering how our cat made it her new favourite naptime spot, forcing us to rebuild parts that we had already finished each time we sat down to work on it. until we finally decided to stack a bunch of books and things on top of the puzzle each time we were taking a break from working on it. xD

anyway, we finally finished the background, and the latest state of the puzzle is this:


and now no one wants to fill in the black pieces because they are the hardest to do. XD

even the one piece needed to finish the nose! xP haha.

carpe diem summer~ (2012) :)



one of the best times of my life, that really changed the way i do things, the way i think about things, was this one summer we (my sister and I) refer to as “carpe diem summer”. (the above picture is something my sister created as a representation of our summer by the way. for a school project. :))

i’ve mentioned it a few times before, either on this blog, or my little adventure blog (or the tumblr equivalents of each), but i feel like i never really got to do a whole recap of it the way i’ve been meaning to.
quoting from my earlier posts, how the carpe diem summer started was basically this:

You don’t have to build a roller-coaster
To find your own way, to make the most of 
Every minute. No more waiting for the right time, you’re in it.
So grab those opportunities when you see ‘em!
‘Cause everyday’s a brand new day! You gotta’ carpe diem!
– Phineas and Ferb

Inspired by an episode we watched near the beginning of last summer [a Phineas and Ferb episode with a song about seizing the day (or “Carpe diem!”)], we got this idea to make the most of our summer by trying something new each day! Grabbing opportunities, doing things we always wanted to do, and letting go of inhibitions + getting in touch with our inner child…ren? xD
so basically, our goal was to go out and try new things everyday.
we didn’t have the ability (nor desire) to go on huge adventures like travelling the world or anything, but that was actually kind of the point.
(i mean, phineas and ferb do almost everything from the comfort of their backyard! ok not really, but you know what i mean, haha.)
the point was to make the most out of everyday opportunities! to look around for things that i usually miss. to be myself, be weird, be crazy, have fun and make some scenes.
instead of just spending all of my summer in front of the computer, or cooped up at home. 🙂
step one.
we made a list of “summer goals”. started out pretty short and simple.
we got this journal:
and our list of things to do started getting longer and longer.
it kept evolving, changing and growing, as summer went by, and by the end of it, we had something like this:
we had to edit a few of our original goals as we see fit.


(this is one of my favourites XD lol)
and most of all, we had a ton of fun:
i learned a lot of things and all in all, this was one of the best times of my life. and i’m planning to do something like this again, for this summer! ^-^ my first summer out of undergrad (and before starting my master’s :O). but this time, we’re going to try to include our whole family, instead of just us two sisters, as much as we can. ^-^
and i would encourage everyone to try something similar! 😀
it doesn’t have to be when you’re on a break! you can just take on less time-consuming things, but there are so many many opportunities the world provides us with, there’s bound to be a ton that you could fit into your own schedule, however busy you may be (if you’re too busy to do even that, then maybe, start prioritizing things a little differently? ^-^ it’s always important to make the most of every moment we have here, so, please do. 🙂 there’s more to life than school and work and mindless media/internet consumption, and i hope we never lose sight of that.)
so here’s to wishing everyone all the best for the spring/summer 2014~ let’s go and keep going 😀
excited for all the new things we’ll discover this year. ^-^


it feels like a vacation

in my mind right now.

i feel so relaxed and content, just spending time with the family, fan-girling over celebrities and fictional couples, working on my simple little android game, listening to a lot of music and falling behind in math class

and right now, i’m eating the most delicious home-made bread! mm-mm-mm ❤ this is happiness.

one of the best things ever

learning a foreign language enough so that you can pick up words/phrases/sentences when people who speak that language are speaking it near you and ohmygodtheydon’tevenknowhowmuchyouunderstandofwhatthey’resaying ahahaha~ such a fun feeling. i was smiling the entire time and silently LOL-ing, sitting beside these students conversing in their language, and i knew a lot of what they were saying, but they didn’t know that i knew! what fun! (don’t worry, i wasn’t eavesdropping on anything secretive. they were just trying to figure out some math, and i was helping them with it, so. yeah. ;D no worries~)

as my sister put it when i told her of this event
“wow, that’s like one of the best things that can ever happen to a person”






Something new to try: Building a Fort!

Odds are you haven’t done this in a while. At least I hadn’t. So why not re-visit those good old childhood days, and re-discover the magic of making your own little home within a home with nothing but chairs, blankets, and sofa cushions? 😀

Try it today~

Or look at more ideas for new things to try :3

How I ended up doing this today:
Well, my little sister bought this “Crazy Forts” kit, ‘cause everyone was tired of eating breakfast standing up. (The wondrous monstrosity pictured above is a fort she made herself over the course of two days, using up almost all our dining chairs, a mattress, a couch, and my beanbag chair, and basically took over our entire living room.) She was having trouble making it because the person who was originally helping her with it was refusing to read the instructions which resulted in her fort constantly breaking down, while in the process of being made. So then I took over, and we actually read all the instructions together, and everything fit perfectly and it was awesome. 😀 The fort itself is much smaller now, so I can’t actually fit into it too comfortably… 😛 But even making it, and working on something together with my little sister is fun in and of itself. 🙂

Interested in trying this out? (But don’t know where to start?)
Here are some places to help you get started:


& Share what kind of forts you’ve built, or any fort-related stories from your childhood in the comments~ 😀