i’m back!

sorry for the hiatus. 😛

got a little pre-occupied with school and family and vacation-ing and obsessing over new celebrity crush. >.>;;



i’ve been continuing to work on my novels though. :3 and will probably be posting some new excerpts in the coming week.

i also came up with a bunch of more new things that i want to try! (like learn three different languages!)


i have this tendency… where i get bored of things relatively easily. >.<;; i mean, once in a while, i’ll come up with a big goal/dream of some kind, but i don’t have the dedication to stick it through, especially not for years and years. i think maybe two months or so (?) is my limit in working toward one thing, and placing it as high priority.

either way!

i really do want to finish at least one of the novels i’ve planned, and i think i’m motivated enough about this to actually see it through, so. 🙂 please, cheer me on~ 😛 i’ll do my best. ^^


on another note. i have this new-found appreciation and awe for flying. (as in, on airplanes. not, like, magical flying. which is awesome too! but, you know, i’ve always had a thing for that. [hence, it wouldn’t be new-found…:B])


until later!

– rain~ :3

I’m not much for goal-setting…

I mean, of course we all need some goals, but the idea of mapping your whole life out in major goals, and sub-goals needed to reach those goals, is just too rigid and closed-minded an idea for me.
“With the past, I have nothing to do; nor with the future. I live now.” 
– Ralph Waldo Emerson
Life is for exploring, I think. And by boxing yourself into a pre-planned path, and not even just the path, but also all the directions you’re going to take while you’re on that path, is just too… limiting. (And also leads to feeling like anything that doesn’t fit into the plan as being something “wrong” or disappointing… sometimes, life has its own plans, you know? And I think it’s better to accept them, rather than fight them. 🙂 Sometimes, it’s even better than what we originally had planned.)
The Best Goal is No Goal – by Leo Babauta
So, while I do have some goals, such as preferred career choices, and some projects I want to finish (e.g. my novel(s)), the majoriy of the time I believe in living life by the day, by the moment, and trying my best to be present in the now, as opposed to planning for the future. I more or less believe that the future has a way of working itself out, and most of us think about it way more than we have to, or should.

“I paid attention to what was going on around me, which is what you need to do. Then you’ll start seeing the things you’re missing.”

           – Lacey Weatherford, Crush
And sometimes, we all need to take a few moments to relax. Take a walk. Meditate. You know.
You have to open your mind to going places you never expected to go. If you live without goals, you’ll explore new territory. You’ll learn some unexpected things. You’ll end up in surprising places. 
Anyway, on the topic of new things, and life’s little adventures, I’m working on this blog dedicated to finding new things to try within everyday life. Hopefully to maybe show people how even the littlest things can add so much more fun to our life! If we just stop to notice them.
There are plenty of little ways to expose ourselves to more spontaneity and randomness in our daily life, and just to take the time to explore. Because I believe the rule we were taught from my video game development class about the construction of video games —
“It’s about experiences: Learning new skills, exploring, challenges and competition. The longer those last, the deeper the experience.”
– Sean Murray, Hello Games (Joe Danger) 
— is true to our real life as well. And maybe you like the way things are right now, and you don’t want to quit your job, or go climb a mountain, or travel the world. But the point is, you don’t have to take such drastic measures, to seize each and every day. (At least, don’t think so.)
There are so many things to do, and little ways we can have more fun and stop ourselves from getting into a rut. I think the important thing is, just to keep your mind and heart open to the little things that make life special