lessons from a power outage.

there was a power outage today. o:

people were thinking it might go until midnight and everything, but it actually lasted for just a few hours, aA! 😀

was pretty fun for the most part, dancing around in the rain, spending time with the family, chatting with the neighbourhood kids, and making bizarre plans with sisters and friends of visiting stores and acting like time travellers and whatnot;; my jolly mood did get disrupted a bit right before the power came back though D: (whenishowedmylittlesisteracutonmyfingerandhernaturalinstinct happenedtobetoPOKEmeRIGHTINTHECUTwithhersharpFINGERNAIL?!?! whyyy?idon’teven. plus, my psp ran out of my battery so i was upset i may not be able to continue playing crisis core tonight, and other such meaningless stuff. xP) but then i called my dad to tell him to come home quick and the power came back right as he was hanging up, so it all like, worked out and stuff, yay~

(andthenwewentoutsideandscreamedatthetopofourlungs thatthepowercamebackandsang”celebrateeeee~”andmaybe possiblymadeacaralarmgooffohmyjustjoking)

beautiful view: seeing all the houses in the neighbourhood’s lights go on one by one 😀 [ i didn’t get to see it D: but my sister did, and i can picture it; omg, electricity, and how much we depend on it O: >.


i just love this calendar.

I’ve had one of these for the last couple of years (2011, and 2012). And of course, one for 2013.

The artwork is beautiful (love all the flowers and birds!), the quotes are lovely and inspiring, and it is so fitting in my carpe-diem themed room (and life). Seriously, my favourite calendar ever. 🙂

Check it out: