new book: through love, lies, and other things that exist

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A Collection of Poems and Words


i wanted to write lyrics with these flowers
and thorns and stars you’ve tattooed across my arms and my chest; but maybe these thoughts and feelings are too scattered for song. so maybe i’ll write these uncaged words instead.

i ran into something unbelievable last winter.
it came into our lives in the fall. and it grew and grew. and by winter, it was so huge, that the whole world had to morph and widen and brighten to fit it. this morphing, and widening, and brightening was a journey filled with light and dark, learning and growth, hope and doubt, dreams and rude awakenings, shock and wonder.
these poems and lyrics and words are a documentation of that journey.
a journey through love, lies, and other things that exist.


novel excerpt.

she reads a lot.
but novels, not so much.
she likes poetry because poems are often not about
tim or tom or daisy or doll
they are about you.

it’s like reading a song where you get to pick the tune.

and in these books, she found pieces of herself.
which was something so dear to her.

because so much of her was lost.

when she was young
she wore her heart on her sleeve
and gave out pieces of it to others
but they broke those pieces and left her
and now she had these holes in places she couldn’t reach
and if only band-aids could fix a broken heart

stories belong to the readers –

you know when you write something and it’s a little personal and a little cryptic

so it’s not really clear what it was originally meant to be about
but the words could technically be applied to many things, based on the reader’s interpretation?
but then some readers keep begging you for what it “really” means?
i’ve never believed in it — in this “real” meaning of something i create.
once i’ve put it out there for others to read, it’s not really mine anymore. well, not as much as it was when it was all in my head.
i put it out to the world, so you can
make it yours.
it’s not up to me to say what’s the “right” or “wrong” way to read something is.
stories belong to the readers –
at least that’s what i think.
so i’m kind of really against being asked for the story behind my poetry. ^-^
i guess it’s a personal preference of mine. 🙂 but i really do believe stories are meant to be molded and personalized by each person who reads them.
what do you think? ^^