i’m trying to tell stories (my writing projects)

but i’m pretty new to novel/story writing, so.

please. i’ll be posting excerpts and things, and any feedback at all would be much appreciated! ^^ thank you in advance~

to start this off, some of the projects i am working on:

1. novel called “in case you cared” a slice-of-life, coming-of-age type story told in a mixture of poetry and prose

2. a series of short story type snippets about a family, called “life with the charming family”; i’m doing this as a writing exercise and i’ll try to post an entry for it at least once a week starting sometime next week ^^

3. novel series called “the storytellers”, a group of novels about different people who love to tell stories, each person using a different medium (painting, directing, composing music, writing, etc.). part fantasy, part slice-of-life. dual world settings.
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more excerpts:
i want you to be happy;
please be okay;

so. i hope you will support me as i try to find my way around this writing thing. ^^ i have a bad habit of dropping projects before they are finished if i have no one holding me accountable for them, so hopefully, posting regularly on this blog will help me actually see these writing projects through. 🙂

thank you to anyone who has taken the time to read this~
i hope you will leave me a comment, and maybe we can get to know each other ^^ i am always up for meeting new people, and making new friends 😀

– rain.

psychogeography project

another fun thing for the summer.
going on a derive.

what is a derive?
The derive is described as a practice of “getting lost” in a place on purpose, abandoning the goal of a destination, and simply drifting through an area and discovering new ways to experience it. You know how usually when people go outside, we have some sort of a destination in mind? And we don’t usually take the time to actually take in our surroundings, or explore different routes, other than what is familiar to us? Yeah. This works to counter that. =)

and psychogeography?
Psychogeography refers to the emotional and behavioural effects a geographical environment has on a person.

so basically, for my final project in my art and activism class, i had to go outside. and get lost.
seriously. 😀
what fun.

and, you know, discover things about the area that me, or most people, usually wouldn’t. interact with the environment in unconventional ways, like standing on park benches, and talking to lots and lots of strangers. and also taking a LOT of pictures! 😀

i went on the walk with my sister and a friend. 🙂 everything is more fun when you have someone there to share it with. ;D

here’s something new you could try: go outside, and get lost! 😀
here’s a good read to check out if you’re interested in trying out something like this: http://www.mookychick.co.uk/pagan-wicca-witch/psychogeography.php
of course you don’t have to follow what the article says. just do whatever feels right to you. =) it’s all personal and stuff, so. it makes sense if you get to decide how you want to do it.